CorWave develops blood pumps based on a unique and patented wave membrane pumping technology.

The CorWave LVAD utilizes an undulating disc wave pumping mechanism, replacing the high speed, high shear impeller of current continuous flow rotary pumps. The result is much less trauma to the blood, reducing clotting and bleeding complications. The high frequency actuation of the Corwave pumps provides for pulsatile flow that mimics the action of the native heart. Current LVADs provide only continuous flow with no significant pulsation, due to the high inertia of their rotors. The low power consumption and small size of our pumps will facilitate total implantablity with the incorporation of a wireless energy transfer system.

Early stage development is underway for products for the Partial Flow and Acute Cardiac Assist markets based on a tubular membrane version of the core technology.

CorWave is bringing a unique disruptive technology to these fast growing markets, estimated to have a potential worldwide value of several billion euros.